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Bone Morphogenetic Proteins

To speed healing after oral surgery or possibly eliminate the need for a bone graft, bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) are applied to the surgical site to stimulate regrowth of tissue and bone.

Bone morphogenic proteins, or BMPs, are a synthetic material that can be used as a substitute for sourcing bone from another part of the body or banked bone. BMPs are protein factors that create new cartilage and bone by stimulating growth. They are naturally produced in the body and are considered a safe alternative to using bone grafting material. When patients select BMPs as a part of their treatment plan, a protein solution will be applied to a collagen sponge, which your oral surgeon will place over the site where more bone is needed. The collagen sponge will disappear as the BMP works to produce new bone to the desired area.

Boulder Oral Surgery is proud to offer advanced treatments and surgical techniques to their patients. If you would like to learn more about the use of BMPs or have any questions about your oral surgery treatment, please contact Boulder Oral Surgery in Boulder or Longmont to schedule an appointment.