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Meet Dr. Kochevar

His patients and his wife have always received excellent care at our practice.

I refer patients to Boulder Oral Surgery because, much like my practice, they're committed to excellence. They give my patients the best possibility for the best possible outcome. I've been working with Dr. Nedbalski for the past 15 years, and I find his surgical skills some of the top in the state. Dr. Lerner with Boulder Oral Surgery is an excellent oral surgeon to work with. I appreciate the way she takes care of our patients. I really appreciate the staff here at Boulder Oral Surgery. They do a great job communicating with my staff and myself to get the best possible outcome for our patients. Historically, our patients really enjoy coming to Boulder Oral Surgery. They're treated kindly and efficiently. I believe in Boulder Oral Surgery so much that I've actually sent my wife here. Her experience was excellent. It's very comforting to know there's a practice like Boulder Oral Surgery here in our community. I plan to continue referring to Boulder Oral Surgery due to the excellent care my patients receive.

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