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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Patients with ill-fitting dentures or patients considering dentures as a tooth replacement option may undergo pre-prosthetic surgery to smooth and shape the dental arches for the most comfortable fit.

Your dentures should offer a comfortable and secure fit. Problems with chewing, eating, and speaking, or any pain, may be a sign that your dentures are not fitting as they should. Patients who prefer traditional dentures as their tooth replacement option of choice but are experiencing pain or difficulties wearing them may require surgical treatment.

The right type of pre-prosthetic surgery treatment for you will be determined after a consultation by an experienced oral surgeon, such as Dr. Nedbalski, Dr. Chai, and Dr. Luter of Boulder Oral Surgery. They will be able to evaluate your unique condition and determine the appropriate course of treatment to result in the most comfortable fit for your dentures.

Bone grafts, tissue grafts, and tooth extractions may also be performed as additional oral surgery treatments to receive the best fit from your dentures.

Why have pre-prosthetic surgery?

It is not uncommon for a patient with dentures to receive periodic adjustments from their dentist. However, when discomfort continues despite these adjustments, your dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon, who can surgically prepare the mouth for their dentures. After pre-prosthetic surgery, dentures may be worn securely and comfortably, allowing the patient to eat, speak, and smile with confidence again.

Types of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

At Boulder Oral Surgery, we formulate customized treatment plans for every patient. Your oral health needs, personal goals, and facial structure will all play a critical role in creating the best treatment plan for you. Common types of pre-prosthetic surgery include:

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery in Boulder and Longmont, CO

Your dentures should provide a fit that is comfortable and secure. A prosthesis that is ill-fitting can affect daily functions such as eating, speaking, and chewing. If periodic adjustments by your dentists fail to provide the best fit, surgical treatment like pre-prosthetic surgery may be recommended. Please contact Boulder Oral Surgery to meet with Dr. Nedbalski, Dr. Chai, or Dr. Luter for a comprehensive consultation and treatment plan.