Second Chance

Drs. Terry Nedbalski and Krista Lerner of Boulder Oral Surgery & Dental Implants announced the recipient of their first Second Chance program in November. Chris, 37, of Longmont, was selected out of over 200 applicants to receive a life-changing smile makeover. The Second Chance program offered local individuals in need of critical dental treatment an opportunity to apply to receive a free full-arch restoration treatment, a procedure typically costing $50,000.

Chris has dealt with bullying because of his teeth since he was a young child. He has a deep overbite, and his classmates called him “bucktooth beaver,” which continues to hurt his confidence and self-esteem. He has not had a girlfriend because he lacks the confidence to approach women. Chris also operates a non-profit organization that helps kids get involved in racing, and he is a charitable partner of the Mountain States Children’s Home in Longmont. He plans to help these children develop confidence in themselves since he knows how hard it is to grow up feeling neglected.

“As oral surgeons, it’s our job to restore smiles, but the Second Chance program does much more than just that,” Dr. Nedbalski said. “We received applications from all walks of life, but Chris’ story stood out to us. His teeth and self-confidence deteriorated at a very young age. We are honored to have the opportunity to give him the smile he deserves, and we look forward to watching his self-confidence transform.”

Boulder Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Surgery have partnered with Drs. Taylor Goggins and Brian Aguirre from Denver Restorative Dentistry to give Chris a smile he deserves.

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